Baxi - 14th October - Peterborough

Baxi has been manufacturing British made boilers since 1866 from its Preston headquarters. They have managed to do this for so long by being innovative and making sure it’s heating products are relevant within the industry and market leading. Baxi’s current range of boilers have all bases covered for the current home for different budgets, performance and variety of boiler needed. Baxi have some of the best free parts and labour warranty’s as standard on the full range of boilers starting from 2 years and going on to 10 years to give you piece of mind when buying a Baxi Boiler. We will be having a Baxi sales representative at our Peterborough branch on Monday 14th October. They will be showing off the brand new Baxi 800 boilers. The morning will start at 7.30am and last till 1pm.

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