New survey reveals most desired tradesmen traits

The most recent survey from Plentific; the home improvement marketplace, has found the most sought after traits homeowners are looking for when it comes to hiring tradesmen. Unsurprisingly, punctuality was top of the list with the majority of votes at 84% while having a polite manner and communicating positively followed closely with 83% of the vote. Following polite and positive communication, 81% of voters were more likely to hire a tradesmen who talked them through the process of the project.

The latest survey, carried out by Opinium Research, gathered data from 2001 individuals around the country and in addition found 78% of people favoured tradesmen who sent through a professional quote, above the 69% who like tradesmen to create a schedule.

The top results are a further confirmation to the "" 2016 survey "What do homeowners find annoying about tradesmen" in which being late/not turning up as arranged scored 87% of the total votes (of 1017 people questioned).

On the opposite side of the voting, age and appearance were considered the least influential values when hiring tradesmen with only 7% of individuals likely to hire a tradesmen for being young and 19% favouring the older engineer. 22% of voters said they were more likely to hire someone wearing a branded uniform and just under half (47%) mentioned having a modern, clean, professional looking van could be the deciding factor to hiring a particular tradesmen. Overall results suggests Brits are looking for a punctual indiviudal(s) with strong communication and organisation skills but won't be put off by fresh-faced youngsters who may not have had an opportunity to brand themselves yet.

Regionally results didn't vary tremendously suggesting location has little to do with hiring preferences, however residents questioned in Sheffield and Edinburgh were most influenced by punctuality as a trait, with 91% of responders more likely to hire a time-concious worker. London homeowners also favoured punctuality over all other traits followed closely by responding promptly in conversation, however voting for polite manner fell to third place with 81% from the national average of 83%.

Mannerism/Quality Percentage of Votes
Being punctual 84%
Polite panner 83%
Responds promptly in conversation 83%
Talks me through the process of the project 81%
Sends a professional quote 78%
Creates a schedule 69%
Has a mordern, clean, professional looking van 47%
Wears a branded uniform 22%
Is older in age 19%
Is younger in age 7%

"Whilst all of these qualities can help a tradesman get hired, it is clear from our findings that appearances make less of an impact on a homeowner's decisions. Organisation is key: arriving on time, being prompt in communication and generally having a polite and positive manner will make potential clients more likely to hire a tradesman.

To improve the odds of hiring, tradesmen should focus more on their schedule, process and attitude before spending their well-earned money on appearances!"

Stephen Jury, head of Marketing of Plentific

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