Vaillant launch their biggest UK marketing campaign

Vaillant recently launched their biggest UK marketing campaign ever on December the 11th, intended to raise brand awareness and increase demand with homeowners. The campaign features a 60-second TV ad spot, aired on ITV during Coronation Street, as well as online advertisements and social media.

The film, which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi pro, was inspired by "the craving of comfort, warmth, cosiness and peace of mind".

Vaillant Advance installers where able to get an early look at the TV ad several days in advance via the Advance website. To further support Vaillant's Advance installer network, a variety of assets where designed and made available to installers as part of "The Comfort Zone" packs, for use in their own advertising campaigns. These packs include leaflets, posters and content to be used in emails.

More information about Vaillant Advance is available on their website.


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