Eogb X400 Oil Burner - Standard 80Mm Head Burners

EOGB X400 Oil Burner - HRM 147mm Head



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Note: This version of the X400 comes with a 147mm head, compatible with most HRM boilers. Please contact us to confirm compatibility.

Click here for the Standard X400 burner.

The number one in replacement Oil Burners, the EOGB X Series has been launched specifically for the British market, offering competitive prices to fit most existing Oil Burners. The X Series has been developed to be compatible with most leading manufacturers of condensing boilers without comprising on efficiency.

Made for use with Kerosene, Diesel and Bio Blends (up to B10 only), the EOGB X400 Oil Burner is easy to install, service and maintain and is built with industry standard components to meet European standard EN267.

The EOGB X400 Oil Burner can be mounted in any position with an air intake device that can be rotated 180 degrees for better positioning within the appliance housing. Set up for one-pipe operation, the EOGB X400 can be also converted to a two-pipe system.

With ease of service in mind, the efficient EOGB X400 Oil Burner features a keyhole cut-out on the bottom face of the burner, allowing the burner to hang safely from the mounting flange for more convenient positioning.

EOGB’s XSeries range of oil burners delivers excellence in performance and reliability, backed by first-class technical expertise and a personable, responsive service.

The Xseries range features:

  • Superior performance
  • Sophisticated construction
  • Advanced design
  • Easy maintenance

Built for today’s markets

From concept to production, every aspect of the XSeries has been rigorously tested. Attention to detail ensures reliable, continuous operation and compatibility with high resistance oil-fired boilers. Powerful motors with high temperature bearings are standard to give extra life and reliability and internationally recognised quality procedures are followed to monitor the highest standards of manufacture and performance.

Effort free installation and maintenance

The compact XSeries burner fits most existing boilers and a universal mounting flange provides a solid airtight attachment, secured by a single screw. There is excellent access to all components without the need to break oil or electrical connections.

For added convenience, adjustment points for oil pressure, air and control box are all front-facing and the whole control pack can be easily released. The XSeries offers simplicity and convenience which reduces installation and maintenance costs. Meets stringent European environmental requirements The XSeries has been designed to meet EN267 and exceeds current European Standards for emissions. 


Burner output Min 14kW
Burner output Max 36kW
Fuel flow rate Min 1.2 Kg/hr
Fuel flow rate Max 3.00 Kg/hr
Fuel Kerosene Max viscosity 5.5 cst @ 20o
Weight 9.2 kg

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