Rothenberger Rofrost Rapid 15/22mm Pipe Freezer Kit by Rothenberger from Heat Group Supplies

Rothenberger Rofrost Rapid 15/22mm Pipe Freezer Kit

Manufacturer Part no: 64030

SKU: 64030


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Suitable for 15 and 22mm pipe. Fast and effective pipe freezing system uses minimal freezing spray. Clamps enclose freeze helping to form a large solid ice plug and sealing the pipe. Clamp will fit behind a clipped pipe leaving no need to remove the pipe from the clips. Avoids draining down and excessive venting of systems. The unique design of the clamp is up to 50% faster and can use 50% less freeze spray than alternative freezing systems.

  • Quick, Safe & Easy to use
  • Uses Quick-Freeze Pipe Freezing Spray
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Comes in robust carry case
  • Reusable Clamps
  • Contact Foam Lasts Multiple Uses
Features include;
  • Extremely fast effective pipe freezing
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Economic (uses less gas than most alternatives)
  • Patented freeze clamp
  • Saves draining down and excessive venting.

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