Water Treatment

Heat Group Supplies understand that chemical and physical (be it magnetic or electrolytic) water treatment is vital to ensuring that your heating system is operating as efficiently as possible. Water treatment chemicals and in-line system filters help protect your boiler, cylinder, pump, motorised valves, radiators and pipework and vastly reduce the risk of common issues caused by limescale, mineral deposits, corrosion and sludge build-up as well as being essential to validate many manufacturers guarantees and warranties.

Ask for details of our vast range of chemical treatments (such as system cleaners, inhibitors, leak sealers and power flushing chemicals) from the likes of Adey, Fernox, Sentinel and Heat Group - our own branded great value range of chemical water treatment products.

System filters (including magnetic and electrolytic scale inhibitors) and power flushing equipment available from Adey, Altecnic, Caleffi, Fernox, Liff, Salamander, Scalemaster, Sentinel, Spirotech and of course under the Heat Group brand.

Water softeners are perfect for households in areas with hard water. Water softener systems have several benefits, including helping to fight limescale build-up. High performance water softeners, filters, purifiers available from leading manufacturers such as Aquastream, BWT, Monarch, Scalemaster and Tapworks.