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Anton Sprint Evo 1 Kit



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Made with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the Anton Sprint eVo is small, lightweight and gives easy access to all testing functions via graphical, menu-driven software and fast response keys. There's even integral magnets built into the case, allowing it to be fixed onto a metallic surface such as a boiler for completely hands-free use.

The analyser is fully compatible with all fuel types which can be selected from a menu so can be used with natural gas, LPG, heavy oil, light oil, coal, wood, coke, biomass and wood pellet installations.

The flue gas analyser can test carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), CO/CO2 ratio, excess air, oxygen temperature and boiler efficiency. It can also perform timed CO boil-up tests (with appliance selection) and measure flow/return temperature.

Call in to your local branch for discuss the full range of Anton Sprin multifunction flue gas analysers including eVo 3 which is Bluetooth enabled to communicate with the free Spring Mobile app allowing you to manage your customer database, personalise FGA reports, email FGA reports directly from the job and much more.

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