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EOGB Lock Joint Blue Pipe Joint Sealant

Manufacturer Part no: C04-10-615

SKU: C04-10-615


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The EOGB Lock Joint Thread Sealant is a specially formulated solution for sealing NPT thread connections on galvanized steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, iron, plastic pipe, aluminium and gasket materials and also offers excellent lubrication and protection. The EOGB Lock Joint Thread Sealant ensures joints will not rust and can be easily manipulated after a long period of time and can be used on lines containing oils, natural gas, gasoline, water, ammonia, steam, diluted acids and alkalis.

The Lock Joint 'locks out leaks', contains no lead, assures a tight positive seal, will not harden, seperate or drip, has a working temperature between -60°F to +450°F and stays sealed under gas and liquid pressure up to 2500psi. 

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